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School Supporters

The Gooloogong Public School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) supports Gooloogong Public School in providing education and extra-curricular activities; including activities within our school and its grounds that make it a wonderful place to learn.

To assist in providing these opportunities we facilitate a sponsorship and donations program.

Over the last twelve months some opportunities that supported the school and students included covering the cost of travel to allow all students to attend intensive swimming coaching, the purchase of gifts for outgoing Year 6 students and embroidered jumpers for incoming Year 6 students, the purchase of garden equipment including seedlings and gloves for students and the purchase of our new chicken coop.

The P&C is committed to continuing to support our school, not only in its endeavours to provide exceptional education for our children, but also to be actively engaged in our community. Gooloogong Public School plays an important role in our community, and we would like to acknowledge the ongoing community support that has helped make our little school the incredible school it is today.

You may be interested to know; we have proudly grown our school to 32 students this year! And are looking forward to providing each and every one of our students a wonderful place to learn.

We would like to personally thank and acknowledge the following businesses and community members for their generous sponsorship and donations towards our program.  Your support is very much appreciated and will help continue to provide our school and our children with great opportunities.

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