Gooloogong Public School

Do Your Best

Telephone02 6344 8307

About our school

Gooloogong Public School is situated on the Lachlan Valley Way 40 kilometres north-west of Cowra.

It was established in 1869 and serves the local village community and surrounding district. The school aims to provide a caring and exciting learning environment which caters for the special and unique needs of all students. It aims to do this by providing for academic achievement in a rich social and cultural context. It endeavours to provide a happy, safe and supportive environment and the widest possible range of experiences. The students will become self-reliant and responsible.

School song

This is our school, let peace dwell here,

Let the school be full of happiness.

We take pride in our safe, friendly school where everyone is included and encouraged to do their best.

At our school we strive for quality work, value new opportunities

and have fun learning in a respectful environment.

We believe in co-operation, taking responsibility for our choices and a fair go for all.

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